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5. The Military Diet

If one is thinking about weight loss, they should consider the Military diet. Take note this has no link to the military. No research has proven that this diet aids weight loss. This diet has side effects like hunger, grumpy, and fatigued due to its low-calorie nature.

The Promise  

This plan is claimed to help one lose 10 pounds or more in just one week. It is a strict low-calorie diet with food that may seem healthy, while others may not seem healthy. The plan dictates what one eats for every meal that is breakfast, dinner, and lunch. Snacks are not allowed, and one does not eat food based on what they prefer but what is prescribed.

This particular military diet is to be followed for just three days; then one goes back to their routine and healthy diet for the other four days. If one wants to lose more weight, they should repeat the diet as much as possible while taking the 4 day breaks. One should not follow this diet any longer than 3 consecutive days.

What One Can Eat And What They Can’t Eat:

Every single thing one eats is pre-selected for them. One must adhere to this plan entirely so that they can get the best outcome. This diet has no super foods such as salmon, quinoa, and almonds; instead, there are usually foods like eggs that are hard-boiled, cheddar cheese, and canned tuna. Some meals include bread but not the healthy bread with whole grains. There is at least a meal that has saline crackers.

The Menu Has Nine Different Meals In Total For The 3 Day Period. 

Below is what you should eat in one breakfast menu;


  • Half a grapefruit


  • One slice toast
  • Two tablespoons full of peanut butter
  • One cup often or coffee without sugar or cream.


One Menu For Dinner Has:

  • Two hot dogs minus the buns
  • A cup of broccoli
  • Half a cup of carrots
  • Half a banana
  • Half a cup of ice cream vanilla flavor

One is allowed water, black tea and black coffee. Soda, juice, alcohol and juice are not allowed. One must ensure they adhere to this menu strictly. One is allowed to switch out particular foods in case of allergies and any dietary needs but they can only swap with approved diets. For instance, one is allowed butter made of sunflower seeds instead of eating peanut butter or even eating tofu dogs instead of eating hot dogs. However, one is not allowed grapefruits instead of oranges or even cookie dough or mint chip instead of vanilla ice cream.


The Effort Level Is Medium:

The military diet does not involve one purchasing packaged meals or even attending meetings. Everything on the diet is easy to get in a normal grocery store and food preparation and cooking is at a minimal. One normally gets very hungry on the diet so a lot of willpower is required to prevent cheating. One will only ingest 1500 calories a day and they may feel very sluggish and exercising may increase fatigue.

This diet has no carb, dairy or any food restrictions. One should avoid eating out because the foods are strict and finding them on a normal diet may be hard. While exercising everyday is good, one should not exert themselves by lifting weights or even running but must stick to light exercise like yoga or walking.

Does the diet allow for any dietary preferences or restrictions?

A Few Adjustments Can Be Made As Discussed Below:

Vegans and vegetarians; the list allows for swapping of tuna, eggs, meat, hotdogs and tuna for lentils, tofu, nuts, and tofu/soy dogs. Vegans may swap cheddar cheese for tofu/nut cheese and soy ice cream and also cottage cheese that is vegan.

Diet that is gluten free; if the menu requires crackers or toast one can find options that are gluten free.

Diet that is low on salt; one can easily get versions of the processed foods that have low salt like swapping saltiness for rice cakes or even melba toast that is low on salt.